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    Glendora, CA 91741
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Hosiery refers to legwear and footwear. We still offer pantyhose and thighhighs for your business and dressier attire. Tights are available during the cooler months.

Socks are now a fashion item., They are as much an accessory today as a means of making your shoes more comfortable. Slippers are our at home comfort shoes.

Undercovers' products range from 32A-40F and small to 3X. Customer clientele sheets are kept so no one need remember brand, style or size when making a return visit. A conscious effort is made to support California companies, made in the USA products, to actively recycle with bags and products and be environmentally conscious. We believe that value shopping rather than bargain shopping saves both money and the environment.

Major credit cards are accepted. A 60 day no fee layaway with 1/3 down is also available.